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Commercial insurance for your business can be a nightmare. No two businesses are ever alike.
At Sevigney-Lyons Insurance Agency our Commercial Lines specialists not only tailor a policy to fit your business’s needs, but also work diligently with you to avoid unnecessary exposures.
We provide insurance coverage in New Hampshire, Maine Massachusetts and Vermont.

Artisan Contract

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For a contractor a single mistake can cause financial ruin. With artisan’s insurance you and your business will be protected against liability claims. Artisan contractor insurance can be customized to meet the needs and budget of any business.


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Commercial automotive insurance covers you in the event that an employee causes physical injury or property damage while driving a company vehicle. Even if you are a sole operator, if you use a vehicle to conduct your business you should have commercial automotive insurance


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If the nature of your business regularly takes you onto other people’s property bond insurance will protect you financially in the event that an employee acts dishonestly or fraudulently, or if a customer claims that your services were not provided as agreed or that you damaged their property while you were on site.

Builders Risk

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Builders risk insurance can be obtained by a contractor, a property owner, or a subcontractor. Depending on the construction project it may be a legal requirement, but whether required or not it’s a good idea and will cover in full or in part the cost of damage to a building while under construction.

Business Auto

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It is important to correctly insure all your commercial vehicles, whether they are used by one employee or multiple employees, on site or on the open road.

Business Owner

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Sometimes the most cost-effective policy for a small business is business owner insurance, combining protection for all your major property and liability risks in one contract. While such policies may come with a price premium, they are often less expensive than combining individual specific policies.


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Crime insurance can be customized to suit your specific needs and can include protection against employee dishonesty, third-party non-employee crime, theft, burglary, robbery, forgery, computer fraud.

Garage Keepers

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If you offer towing service or run a service station and store customers’ vehicles you need garage keepers insurance. It protects you in the event that a customer’s vehicle is damaged by fire, vandalism, or theft while in your care.


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General liability insurance offers coverage in the event a business faces a claim or lawsuit concerning bodily injury or property damage.

Liquor Liability

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Rules regarding the sale of liquor vary from state to state but wherever your business is located if you sell liquor you must have liquor liability insurance. If a customer causes injury after drinking in your establishment you could be held liable. With liquor liability insurance you are protected against some of the high financial repercussions.

Motor Cargo

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Motor cargo insurance provides cover against loss or damage to cargo while it is being transported. Policies can be customized depending on the type of cargo carried, the distance the cargo is carried, the value of the cargo, and more.

Professional Liability

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If you run a business you have clients; if you have clients you can be liable for claims of negligence, malpractice, and more. Professional liability protects you against the associated costs of such claims.


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Whether you own or rent your business premises you need property insurance. It provides cover for the building, its contents, and any exterior fittings. Property insurance is highly customized and it is important that you find the right coverage for your property, your business, and your location.


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Food-related illnesses are a genuine fear for a restaurant. While such a claim can damage a restaurant’s reputation it can also bring huge financial costs. Restaurant insurance protects you for general liability, property damage and product liability.

Sign and Glass

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Large windows are tempting targets for vandals and, yet, small businesses often have large windows. Replacing a large plate-glass window or a unique custom-built sign can be expensive but with sign and glass insurance most of the cost will be covered.

Tools & Equipment

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Tools and Equipment insurance protects tools and equipment while in transit. It’s especially important for contractors or service workers who frequently travel with their tools as it insures against loss or theft from a vehicle or job site. Policies can be customized and can include specific individual high-value tools.

Workers Compensation

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If an employee gets injured while at work you need to know that both they and your business are protected. Workers compensation insurance takes care of the financial implications.

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