Our Personal Insurance Coverage Services

Personal insurance is just that, personal. No two situations are exactly alike, so policies vary case by case.
Our Personal Lines insurance agents work with you to tailor an insurance program to protect your family, home, auto, and other valuable possessions at the most reasonable costs our carriers can provide.
We provide insurance coverage in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.


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Some homeowners insurance will cover antiques but the amount of coverage is typically low. If you need higher coverage you can add an endorsement that will increase the coverage for any valuable items, or you can buy a separate policy for each specific item.


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You might be the best driver out there but accidents happen. Whether you have liability, collision, or comprehensive, auto insurance is a must-have if you have a vehicle on the road. It’s important to find the right policy for you, your vehicle, and your budget.

Collectors Items

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Collectors items insurance is both customized and specialized and is often more affordable than you think. It may be that an individual item is protected by your homeowners insurance but that won’t always be the case, and it’s possible that the collection is only valuable in its entirety, so insuring specific pieces makes no sense.


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Many of us think we’re insured only to find we’re under-insured. Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Make sure you have the right coverage to protect your home, your belongings, your loved ones, and the people who visit your home. With the right homeowners insurance you can relax.


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Your homeowners insurance will cover your belongings but only to a certain amount. If you have a catastrophic event and lose all your items it’s probable that you will be underinsured. Jewelry insurance is an affordable way to add extra cover for individual pieces.


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Whether your motorcycle is your primary mode of transport or used purely for recreational riding, it’s important to have the right insurance. Insurance can range from just liability to comprehensive with uninsured motorist coverage.

Pet Health

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Our pet health insurance coverage options can help cover necessary preventive care and emergency such as illness, accidental injury and breed-specific conditions.

Recreational Vehicle

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A weekend getaway, a family vacation, a once-in-a-lifetime road trip…they can all be ruined by unforeseen accidents and insufficient insurance. RV insurance can include coverage for total loss replacement, campsite and vacation cancellations, breakdown costs, theft, underinsured motorists coverage, liability and collision, and more.

Rental Property

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If you rent out your property you will need rental property insurance. If your property incurs damage there will be repair costs, legal costs, and possibly lost rental income. Rental property insurance provides protection against all these and more.

Umbrella Liability

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The umbrella liability insurance comes in to play when all your other policies have reached their maximums and you’re looking at the storm clouds gathering. Typically an inexpensive addition to your homeowners insurance, an umbrella policy is the safety net that offers both protection and peace of mind.

Valuable Items

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While your homeowners insurance will provide cover for the loss or damage to your contents, if you have individual pieces that are more valuable, you should consider adding valuable items insurance to your policy.


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Whether you have a mega yacht or a jet ski you need insurance. There are many alternative policies—some cover your boat only when it’s on the water and only in certain times of year, others offer cover wherever the boat is and whatever the month. Finding the right policy for your boating and budget is what we do.

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